GXSW 3.2

A software utility which provides a graphical user interface for GX6xxx boards
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GXSW is a software tool designed to assure a graphical user interface for GX6xxx boards. Using this software, you will be able to start a panel program that lets you control the GX6xxx boards interactively.
Once the software is installed, the following tools and software components are available :
- GXSW Panel - Configures and controls the GX6062 various features via an interactive user interface.
- GXSW driver - A DLL based function library (GXSW.DLL, located in the Windows System Folder) used to program and control the board.
- Programming files and examples - Interface files and libraries for support of various programming tools.
- HW driver and PXI/PCI Explorer applet - HW driver allows the GXSW driver to access and program the supported boards. The explorer applet configures the PXI chassis, controllers and devices.

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